"It was especially nice to also hear new compositions from master guitarist Wayne Lovegrove. Wayne is on the cutting edge of tapping on the guitar strings and using harmonics to create wonderful rhythmic melodies."

J.W. McClure - live performance review for Victory Music

"Doesn't that sound like about three guitars? No! It's one guy! One guitar!"

Mary Dessein, on air host at KSER radio Everett, WA, during live on-air interview and performance

"His fingers fly so quickly across the fingerboard, rhythmic patterns building and dancing, the energy soaring beyond his instrument and out into the room."

Isla Ross, musician - live performance review

"There are some interesting rhythms (including polyrhythms), beautiful melodies, intricate counterpoint (interlocking of parts, not "fugues" in the baroque sense), and always, those alternate tunings that create spacious sounds with open fourths and fifths. There are also little bits of dissonance snuck in; two of the pieces have slight blues tendencies and use the genre's characteristic flat notes to create tension (only audible to the careful listener) which always resolves into those open sounds. "

Steve Eric Scribner - live performance review. www.soundscroll.blogspot.com